acstools.utils_findsat_mrt.add_streak(image, width, value, rho=None, theta=None, endpoints=None, psf_sigma=None)

Generates a (optionally) PSF-convolved model trail and add it to an image.

  • image (ndarray) – The input image onto which the trail should be added.

  • width (float) – Width of the trail. Note that as of now this function does not super- sample the image in order to precisely model the trail width.

  • value (float) – Uniform intensity within the trail prior to convolving with a PSF.

  • rho (float or None, optional) – Trail offset from center. The default is None.

  • theta (float or None, optional) – Trail angle in degrees with respect to x-axis. The default is None.

  • endpoints (array of tuples or None, optional) – Endpoints of the trail. Format is [(x0, y0), (x1, y1)]. The default is None.

  • psf_sigma (float or None, optional) – Sigma of Gaussian model PSF to be convolved with trail image. The default is None, in which case no convolution is performed.


image – The input image with the streak added on.

Return type: