Calibration Utilities

General utilities for ACS calibration adapted from HSTCAL.


extract_dark(prihdr, scihdu)

Extract superdark data from DARKFILE or DRKCFILE.

extract_flash(prihdr, scihdu)

Extract postflash data from FLSHFILE.

extract_flatfield(prihdr, scihdu)

Extract flatfield data from PFLTFILE.


Resolve IRAF path like jref$ into actual file path.

extract_ref(scihdu, refhdu)

Extract section of the reference image that corresponds to the given science image.

find_line(scihdu, refhdu)

Obtain bin factors and corner location to extract and bin the appropriate subset of a reference image to match a science image.

get_corner(hdr[, rsize])

Obtain bin and corner information for a subarray.


Obtain the LTV and LTM keyword values.

from_lt(rsize, ltm, ltv)

Compute the corner location and pixel size in units of unbinned pixels.


Retrieve header keyword values from RAW and SPT FITS files to pass on to check_oscntab() and check_overscan().

check_oscntab(oscntab, ccdamp, xsize, ysize, ...)

Check if the supplied parameters are in the OSCNTAB reference file.

check_overscan(xstart, xsize[, ...])

Check image for bias columns.