acstools.acsrej.acsrej(input, output, exec_path='', time_stamps=False, verbose=False, shadcorr=False, crrejtab='', crmask=False, scalense=None, initgues='', skysub='', crsigmas='', crradius=None, crthresh=None, badinpdq=None, newbias=False, readnoise_only=False, exe_args=None)

Run the acsrej.e executable as from the shell.

  • input (str or list of str) –

    Input filenames in one of these formats:

    • a Python list of filenames

    • a partial filename with wildcards (’*flt.fits’)

    • filename of an ASN table (‘j12345670_asn.fits’)

    • an at-file (@input)

  • output (str) – Output filename.

  • exec_path (str, optional) – The complete path to ACSREJ executable. If not given, run ACSREJ given by ‘acsrej.e’.

  • time_stamps (bool, optional) – Set to True to turn on the printing of time stamps.

  • verbose (bool, optional) – Set to True for verbose output.

  • shadcorr (bool, optional) – Perform shutter shading correction. If this is False but SHADCORR is set to PERFORM in the header of the first image, the correction will be applied anyway. Only use this with CCD image, not SBC MAMA.

  • crrejtab (str, optional) – CRREJTAB to use. If not given, will use CRREJTAB given in the primary header of the first input image.

  • crmask (bool, optional) – Flag CR-rejected pixels in input files. If False, will use CRMASK value in CRREJTAB.

  • scalense (float, optional) – Multiplicative scale factor (in percents) applied to noise. Acceptable values are 0 to 100, inclusive. If None, will use SCALENSE from CRREJTAB.

  • initgues ({'med', 'min'}, optional) – Scheme for computing initial-guess image. If not given, will use INITGUES from CRREJTAB.

  • skysub ({'none', 'mode'}, optional) – Scheme for computing sky levels to be subtracted. If not given, will use SKYSUB from CRREJTAB.

  • crsigmas (str, optional) – Cosmic ray rejection thresholds given in the format of ‘sig1,sig2,…’. Number of sigmas given will be the number of rejection iterations done. At least 1 and at most 20 sigmas accepted. If not given, will use CRSIGMAS from CRREJTAB.

  • crradius (float, optional) – Radius (in pixels) to propagate the cosmic ray. If None, will use CRRADIUS from CRREJTAB.

  • crthresh (float, optional) – Cosmic ray rejection propagation threshold. If None, will use CRTHRESH from CRREJTAB.

  • badinpdq (int, optional) – Data quality flag used for cosmic ray rejection. If None, will use BADINPDQ from CRREJTAB.

  • newbias (bool, optional) – This option has been deprecated. Use readnoise_only.

  • readnoise_only (bool, optional) – ERR is just read noise, not Poisson noise. This is used for BIAS images.

  • exe_args (list, optional) – Arbitrary arguments passed to underlying executable call. Note: Implementation uses and whitespace is not permitted. E.g. use exe_args=[’–nThreads’, ‘1’]